To take up the major challenges of our professions together

INGRECOS provides a forum reflection. Its members regularly gather in Plenary Committee meetings, and organize dedicated events with other partners on specific issues.

To give our industries visibility

We federate industries that lack visibility because they are essentially B to B. For this reason, it is essential:
– To involve our partners, customers and public authorities in our issues (regulatory, etc.)
– To provide information on the usefulness and uses of all cosmetic ingredients.

To be a major player in Europe

INGRECOS is able to go beyond strictly national issues, thanks to the active presence in EFfCI, the European federations

To carry out joint actions around targeted objectives

INGRECOS has been leading joint actions on shared issues, such as the French Biodiversity Act, the interpretation of the Nagoya Protocol, the REACH Regulation, the ISO 16128 standard, etc.

To share the results of our regulatory watch

Aspa-Ingrecos has the technical resources and the network that enable it to continuously monitor regulatory issues of interest. This monitoring is supplemented and pooled through members' contributions. Each member thus has access to a wealth of regulatory information that is essential, due to its particularly changing nature.

To share knowledge and pool skills

Beyond regulatory issues, many subjects can be enriched through sharing, in strict compliance with competition laws.

To make the voice of professionals heard by national and European decision-makers

INGRECOS is a recognised point of contact for the legislator and public authorities to represent its sectors at the national and European levels. This dialogue is essential, since many draft regulations initially do not take its specific constraints into account.

To create synergies and generate new projects

INGRECOS maintains close working relationships with other professional associations and institutes. Joint work and shared positions are the result of this continuous dialogue.

INGRECOS active in Europe

INGRECOS is active in EFfCI work groups

EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients)
WG RAPS (Regulatory Affairs)
WG International Relations
WG INO (Ingredients of natural origine)
WG Colorant
WG Polymers
WG Toxicology
WG Preservatives
WG GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise)


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