The Association provides members with information and advice. It anticipates and monitors legal, regulatory and economic developments that may impact suppliers of all cosmetic ingredients.

INGRECOS keeps its members informed of developments in these various areas and answers their questions. It encourages reflection among members to better anticipate developments and define common positions.

In 2024, the priority issues on which the union is working are as follows:

> New cosmetics regulation in China
> Definition of Natural Ingredients and ISO 16128
> Nanomaterials
> Endocrine disrupters
> Microplastics
> The French law on biodiversity, and the Nagoya Protocol with developments in different countries


INGRECOS organises work groups with experts from member companies to deal with technical and regulatory issues.

The Technical Bureau-Commission on Regulatory Affairs and the Environment (BT CARE) meets once a quarter to discuss all issues that have an impact on surfactants and cosmetic ingredients, and also to answer members’ questions.
Depending on current events, specific work groups may be set up (Natural Ingredients WG, Nagoya WG,Nanomaterials WG, China WG etc.).

BT CARE members also participate in thematic work groups organised by EFfCI.
INGRECOS participates in European work groups dealing with subjects concerning cosmetic ingredients, which are led by EFfCI.

The conclusions and summaries resulting from these various work groups are then more comprehensively made available to all members during plenary committee meetings and/or by email.

WGs led by EFfCI

> Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP);
> Ingredients of Natural Origin (INO);
> International Relations;
> Polymers;
> Preservatives;
> Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety (RAPS);
> Toxicology.


INGRECOS represents and defends the specificities and interests of its members by federating them.

INGRECOS gathers its members every three months during plenary committee meetings, in order to discuss the challenges of the sector, to disseminate good practices and to support teams in their quality approach.

Members can also meet other actors in the sector through the organisation of themed days in collaboration with other partners.

INGRECOS is a recognised point of contact with the law makers and public authorities to represent its industries at the national and European levels. This dialogue is essential, since many draft regulations fail to take their specific constraints into account.

It engages in dialogue with public authorities, in order to ensure that the interests of companies in the sector are taken into account during the drafting of laws and regulations.


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