ASPA-INGRECOS is the French trade association which represents:

The suppliers of surface-active agents (surfactants) and auxiliary products through its ASPA section, and

the suppliers of cosmetic ingredients through its INGRECOS section.

These two categories of ingredients are essential to the functioning of several industrial sectors.

ASPA-INGRECOS is affiliated with two European federations:
1 • ASPA is the French branch of the CESIO (European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates), the surfactant sector group of the CEFIC (European Chemical Confederation).
2 • INGRECOS is the French branch of the EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients), which represents more than 70% of the European cosmetic ingredients industry, with more than 130 member companies.

As such, ASPA-INGRECOS is the contact point for public authorities, customer industries and the media. It also maintains a dialogue with other professional organisations involved in its sectors of activity.

What are surfactants?

Surface active agents or surfactants are substances with very specific properties. Without them, many products would be ineffective!

Surfactants make two non-mixable media, such as oil and water, compatible.

What is the result? They have cleaning, degreasing, emulsifying, wetting, solubilising, foaming and dispersant properties, etc.

chiffre d'affaire ASPA

ASPA-INGRECOS represents
a turnover of 1 billion euros in the national economy

50 adherents

MEMBERS (VSEs, SMEs, and large groups) in 2023

3000 emplois

More than 3,000 direct JOBS in France

1945 Creation of ASPA (French Association of surfactant producers)
1945 ASPA becomes a member of the Union des Industries Chimiques (France Chimie since 2018)
2004 ASPA becomes member of AFISE (French association of detergency industries)
2006 ASPA establishes an INGRECOS section with six founding members
2011 Merger between ASPA and INGRECOS
2014 ASPA-INGRECOS has 27 members
2023 ASPA-INGRECOS has 50 members

For a coordinated representation focused on shared issues: Surfactants and cosmetic ingredients belong to sectors that are subject to extremely high regulatory pressure underpinned by numerous environmental and societal requirements.

For value-added exchanges: ASPA-INGRECOS is a structured organisation representative of the profession, which enables member companies to expand their skills and resources.

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ASPA groups surfactant suppliers. ASPA members are medium-sized companies and large groups that provide products used in a wide range of applications.

INGRECOS groups manufacturers and importers (distributors) of cosmetic ingredients,, which are independent companies (SMEs, medium-sized companies), group subsidiaries and multinationals.

  • 50 members (VSEs, SMEs, and large groups) in January 2023
  • More than 3,000 direct jobs in France
  • A turnover of 1 billion euros in the national economy

The surfactants and cosmetic ingredients sectors are strong components in the French economy, in both the industrial and agricultural sectors. They export a large share of their production.

One of their specificities is that they are relatively resilient to economic crises, since downstream industries are essential to daily life and hygiene. That said, their competitiveness is highly dependent on their increasingly complex regulatory environment, on the national, European and international levels. However, the primary challenge of this industry is the safety of workers and consumers and the preservation of the environment.

They must also take up major societal and environmental challenges, such as climate protection, biodiversity protection, sustainable palm oil (RSPO certification), the development of bio-sourced products, etc.

A host of subjects that positions the surfactants and cosmetic ingredients sectors as major players in the French economy.

Brief overview of cosmetic ingredients…

Cosmetic ingredients constitute a major category and are of a very varied nature:
• Texture agents
• Active ingredients
• Opacifiers and pigments
• Preservatives
• UV filters
• Surfactants, etc.
Their diversity enables the formulation of all kinds of final products: skin care creams, hair products, sunscreen products, body care products, etc.


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